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Russian word of the day: Испугаться

May 20, 2019 (see all)
[ ees-pu-gá-tsa ]
Verb , perfective
Often used with the Genitive
Imperfective - пуга́ться
to get scared, to get frightened
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  • Она́ испуга́лась и закрича́ла.

    a-ná ees-pu-gá-las' ee za-kree-chá-la

    She got scared and started screaming.

  • Они́ рассчи́тывали, что мы испуга́емся, но не ту́т-то бы́ло.

    a-née ras-chée-ty-va-lee, chto my ees-pu-gá-eem-sya, no nye tut-ta bý-la

    They hoped that we would be frightened, but it was not the case.

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Same stem words

to frighten, to scare

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