Cton - Meaning in Russian


Cton in Russian means nothing else but stop.

In Cyrillic it’s written: стоп.

In the Russian alphabet, there is no letter S. When you need the sound S, you use С.

T and O are the same as in English.

And the last letter that looks like the English small N or a gate is actually an equivalent of the English P: П п.

Listen to ston in Russian

стоп [stop] Interjection

Examples of Cton in Russian

  • Стоп, хва́тит руга́ться!

    stop, hváteet rugátsa

    Stop, enough arguing!

  • Он уви́дел сигна́л стоп и останови́лся.

    on uvéedeel seegnál stop ee astanavéelsya

    He saw the stop signal and stopped.


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