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Russian word of the day: Хитрый

Mar 18, 2019 (see all)
[ héet-ryî ]
sly, cunning; artful; intricate
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  • Э́то де́ло не хи́трое.

    é-ta dyé-la nye héet-ra-ye

    This is very simple. (Lit. - This business is not tricky.)

  • На его́ лице́ мелькну́ла хи́трая улы́бка.

    na ye-vó lee-tsé meel'k-nú-la héet-ra-ya u-lýp-ka

    A sly smile flashed across his face.

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Same stem words

ухитри́ться [u-heet-rée-tsa] Verb , perfective
to contrive, to manage

Additional examples

More Russian sentences with the words that contain "хитр".

  • Как ты ухитри́лась его́ убеди́ть?

    kak ty u-heet-rée-las' ye-vó u-bee-déet'

    How did you manage to convince him?

  • Он ухитри́лся пройти́ незаме́ченным.

    on u-heet-réel-sya praî-tée nee-za-myé-cheen-nym

    He managed to pass unnoticed.

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