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"Honest" in Russian

Russian word of the day | Oct 29, 2018
[ chyést-nyî ]


  • Он поря́дочный и че́стный челове́к.

    on pa-ryá-dach-nyî ee chyést-nyî chee-la-vyék

    He is a decent and honest man.

  • Че́стные лю́ди в поли́тику не иду́т обы́чно.

    chyést-ny-ye lyú-dee f pa-lée-tee-ku nye ee-dút a-bých-na

    Honest people do not usually go to politics.

Additional examples

More Russian sentences with the words that contain "честн".

  • Он бесче́стный лицеме́р - говори́т одно́, а де́лает соверше́нно друго́е.

    on bees-chyést-nyî lee-tse-myér - ga-va-réet ad-nó, a dyé-la-yet sa-veer-shén-na dru-gó-ye

    He's a dishonest hypocrite - he says one thing, but he does something completely different.

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