Russian word of the day: Годиться

Jul 23, 2017 (see all)
[ ga-dée-tsa ]
Verb , imperfective
Perfective - пригоди́ться
to suit (for purpose), to be of use (to)


  • Э́то никуда́ не годи́тся.

    é-ta nee-ku-dá nye ga-dée-tsa

    This is good for nothing.

  • Да они́ тебе́ в подмётки не годя́тся!

    da a-née tee-býe f pad-myót-kee nye ga-dyá-tsa

    They are unable to hold a candle to you! (They don't even suit to be your soles! - expression)

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пригоди́ться [pree-ga-dée-tsa] Verb
prove useful, come in handy, be of use

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