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"Unheard-of" in Russian

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[ nee-slý-han-nyî ]
unheard-of, unprecedented, awful

Morphemic analysis

prefix: не
root: слых
suffix: а
suffix: нн
ending: ый


слух - hearing

Examples of "Unheard-of" in Russian

  • Тя́га к неслы́ханной ро́скоши неизбе́жно влечёт за собо́й размы́тость мора́льных усто́ев.

    tyá-ga k nee-slý-han-naî rós-ka-shee nee-eez-byézh-na vlee-chyót za sa-bóî raz-mý-tast' ma-rál'-nyh us-tó-eef

    The craving for unheard-of luxury inevitably entails the blurring of moral principles.

  • От тако́й неслы́ханной де́рзости учи́тель потеря́л дар ре́чи.

    at ta-kóî nee-slý-han-naî dyér-zas-tee u-chée-teel' pa-tee-ryál dar ryé-chee

    The teacher became speechless from such unprecedented impudence.

    Lit.: From such unheard-of impudence the teacher lost his gift of speech.

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