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"To play fool" in Russian

Russian word of the day | May 07, 2020
[ du-rá-chee-tsa ]

Verb , imperfective

to fool around, to play tricks, to play the fool


  • Бу́дешь дура́читься, оста́нешься без рабо́ты.

    bú-deesh' du-rá-chee-tsa, as-tá-neesh-sya byez ra-bó-ty

    If you fool around, you will be left without a job.

  • Они́ весели́лись, дура́чились и соверше́нно не спеши́ли домо́й.

    a-née vee-see-lée-lees', du-rá-chee-lees' ee sa-veer-shén-na nye spee-shée-lee da-móî

    They had fun, fooled around and were not in a hurry to go home.

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