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Russian word of the day: Двоюродный

Nov 25, 2021 (see all)
[ dva-yú-rad-nyÎ ]
related by grandfather (first cousin, cousin of one's father or mother, child of one's first cousin)
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  • Дочь мое́й тёти - моя́ двою́родная сестра́.

    doch' ma-yéî tyó-tee - ma-yá dva-yú-rad-na-ya seest-rá

    My aunt's daughter is my cousin.

  • Мой дя́дя, ма́мин двою́родный брат, рабо́тал леснико́м.

    moî dyá-dya, má-meen dva-yú-rad-nyî brat, ra-bó-tal lyes-nee-kóm

    My uncle, my mother's cousin, worked as a forester.

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Same stem words

ро́дина [ró-dee-na] Noun , feminine
family, kin, clan; origin, generation; kind, sort, type; way; (grammar) gender
ро́дственник [rótst-veen-neek] Noun , masculine , fem: ро́дственница
relative, kinsman
роди́тели [ra-dée-tee-lee] Noun , plural , singular - роди́тель

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