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"Behavior" in Russian

Russian word of the day | Nov 25, 2019
[ pa-vee-dyé-nee-ye ]
Noun , neuter

Examples of "Behavior" in Russian

  • Твоё поведе́ние возмути́тельно!

    tva-yó pa-vee-dyé-nee-ye vaz-mu-tée-teel'-na

    Your behavior is outrageous!

  • В награ́ду за хоро́шее поведе́ние мы взя́ли дете́й в зоопа́рк.

    v nag-rá-du za ha-ró-she-ye pa-vee-dyé-nee-ye my vzyá-lee dee-tyéî v za-párk

    As a reward for good behavior, we took the children to the zoo.

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Additional examples

More Russian sentences with the words that contain "поведени".

  • Я счита́ю, что тако́е поведе́ние не допусти́мо.

    ya schee-tá-yu, chto ta-kó-ye pa-vee-dyé-nee-ye ne-da-pus-tée-ma

    I think that this behavior is not acceptable.

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заве́домо [za-vyé-da-ma] Adverb
wittingly, deliberately, knowingly; admittedly, certainly

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