How to say 

"Hairstyle" in Russian

Russian word of the day | Feb 22, 2019
[ pree-chyós-ka ]

Noun , feminine

Plural - причёски

hairstyle, hairdo, haircut


  • Она́ сде́лала но́вую причёску.

    a-ná sdyé-la-la nó-vu-yu pree-chyós-ku

    She made a new hairstyle.

  • Тебе́ о́чень идёт э́та причёска.

    tee-byé ó-cheen ee-dyót é-ta pree-chýos-ka

    This hairstyle suits you very well.

Same stem words

расчёска [ras-chyós-ka] Noun

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