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Russian word of the day: Отставать

Sep 08, 2017 (see all)
[ at-sta-vát' ]
Verb , imperfective
Often used with the Genitive, Prepositional
Perfective - отста́ть (see below)
to lag behind, to be behind

The perfective aspect

to lag behind; (about a clock) to be slow; to lose touch; to come off; to leave alone
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  • Не отстава́й!

    nye at-sta-váî

    Do not lag behind!

  • В пя́том кла́ссе он стал отстава́ть по всем предме́там.

    f pyá-tam klá-sye on stal at-sta-vát' pa fsyem preed-myé-tam

    In the fifth grade, he began to lag behind in all subjects.

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Same stem words

to stand up, to get up, to rise; to be up

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