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"Cloud" in Russian

Russian word of the day | Oct 27, 2018
[ ób-la-ka ]
Noun , neuter
Plural - облака́

Examples of "Cloud" in Russian

  • Не́бо затяну́ло облака́ми.

    nyé-ba za-tee-nú-la ab-la-ká-mee

    The sky got cloudy.

  • Смотри́, э́то о́блако похо́же на драко́на!

    smat-rée, é-ta ób-la-ka pa-hó-zhe na dra-kó-na

    Look, this cloud looks like a dragon!

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Additional examples

More Russian sentences with the words that contain "облак".

  • Я залью́ фо́тки на о́блако и расшарю с тобо́й до́ступ.

    ya zal'-lyú fót-kee na ób-la-ka ee ras-shá-ryu s ta-bóî dós-tup

    I'll upload the pictures to the cloud and share access with you.

  • По не́бу ни́зко плы́ли облака́.

    pa nyé-bu néez-ka plý-lee ab-la-ká

    The clouds were sailing low across the sky

  • Не́бо затяну́ло се́рыми облака́ми.

    nyé-ba za-tee-nú-la syé-ry-mee ab-la-ká-mee

    The sky got covered with gray clouds.

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