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"Northern lights" in Russian

Russian phrase of the day | Jun 15, 2019
се́верное сия́ние
[ syé-veer-na-ye see-yá-nee-ye ]
Phrase , neuter
northern lights, Aurora Borealis

Examples of "Northern lights" in Russian

  • Я никогда́ не ви́дела се́верное сия́ние вживу́ю.

    ya nee-kag-dá nye vee-dee-laa syé-veer-na-ye see-yá-nee-ye vzhee-vú-yu

    I have never seen the northern lights live.

  • Се́верное сия́ние возника́ет в приполя́рных областя́х в пери́оды геомагни́тной акти́вности.

    syé-veer-na-ye see-yá-nee-ye vaz-nee-ká-eet f pree-pa-lýar-nyh ab-las-tyáh f pee-rée-a-dy gyé-o-mag-néet-naî ak-téev-nas-tee

    Northern lights occur in the circumpolar regions during periods of geomagnetic activity.

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