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"Bucket" in Russian

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[ veed-ró ]
Noun , neuter
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Examples of "Bucket" in Russian

  • У вас есть шва́бра, ведро́ и кака́я-нибу́дь тря́пка?

    u vas yest' shváb-ra, veed-ró ee ka-ká-ya nee-bút' tryáp-ka

    Do you have a mop, bucket, and some kind of rag?

  • В э́том году́ мы собра́ли 50 вёдер карто́шки.

    v é-tam ga-dú my sab-rá-lee peet'-dee-syát vyó-dyer kar-tósh-kee

    This year we have harvested 50 buckets of potatoes.

Declension of the word ведро

Case Singular Plural
Nominative Nom. ведро́ вёдра
Genitive Gen. ведра́ вёдер
Dative Dat. ведру́ вёдрам
Accusative Acc. ведро́ вёдра
Instrumental Inst. ведро́м вёдрами
Prepositional Prep. ведре́ вёдрах

Additional examples

  • Где у вас му́сорное ведро́?

    gdye u vas mú-sar-na-ye veed-ró

    Where do you have a rubbish bin?

  • Почти́ 50% отхо́дов, кото́рые вы ежедне́вно выбра́сываете в му́сорное ведро́, мо́гут быть перерабо́таны втори́чно.

    pach-tée peet'-dee-syát pra-tsén-taf at-hó-daf, ka-tó-ry-ye vy ye-zhed-nyév-na vyb-rá-sy-va-ee-tye v mú-sar-na-ye veed-ró, mó-gut byt' pee-ree-ra-bó-ta-ny fta-réech-na

    Almost 50% of the waste that you daily throw into the bin can be recycled.

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5 thoughts on “Ведро

    • Learn Russian Words says:

      Hello Anita,

      It’s singular Genitive. When talking about potatoes as harvest or in general, we consider it uncountable, so the singular form is used.

      If you are talking about potapoes as pieces, you should use plural (у нас осталось пять картошек).

      • Thanks. What is the difference between карто́фель and карто́шка? Does the usage rule mentioned above apply to карто́фель as well?

        • Learn Russian Words says:

          Картофель is the official name of the crop. Картошка is how we call it most of the times, colloquial.

          Картофель is always singular, uncountable. To make it countable, we add a siffix: картофелина. Then it becomes colloquial too.

          – У нас осталось пять картошек / картофелин.
          We have five potatoes left.

          – Мы собрали 50 ведер картофеля / картошки.
          We have harvested 50 buckets of potatoes.

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