I’m fine in Russian: How to say?

Feb 23, 2020 | How to say it in Russian?

To say I’m fine in Russian use the following phrase:

Я в поря́дке.
[ya f pa-ryát-kye]
I’m fine.

Я is I in Russian.

В means in.

Поря́дке is the Prepositional case of the noun поря́док which means order.

So when you say I’m fine in Russian, you actually say I’m in order.

You can turn that phrase into a question, then it will mean are you ok?:

Вы в поря́дке?
[vy f pa-ryát-kye]
Are you ok? (formal or plural)

Ты в поря́дке?
[ty f pa-ryát-kye]
Are you ok? (informal, singular)

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Related examples

  • Как дела́? Всё в поря́дке?

    kak deelá? fsyo f paryátkye?

    How are you doing? Is everything fine?

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