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"Armchair" in Russian

Russian word of the day | Sep 19, 2019
[ kryés-la ]
Noun , neuter
Plural - кре́сла
armchair, easy chair; stall

Examples of "Armchair" in Russian

  • Он сиде́л в кре́сле и чита́л кни́гу.

    on see-dyél f kryés-lye ee chee-tál knee-gu

    He was sitting in an armchair and reading a book.

  • Мне ну́жно удо́бное кре́сло для рабо́ты за компью́тером.

    mnye núzh-na u-dób-na-ye kryés-la dlya ra-bó-ty za kamp'-yu-te-ram

    I need a comfortable chair for working at a computer.

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Additional examples

More Russian sentences with the words that contain "кресл".

  • Из-по́д кре́сла вы́лезла уша́стая соба́ка.

    ees-pat kryés-la vý-leez-la u-shás-ta-ya sa-bá-ka

    A long-eared dog crawled out from under the armchair.

  • Дежу́рная сестра́ кре́пко спала́ в кре́сле у крова́ти.

    dee-zhúr-na-ya seest-rá kryép-ka spa-lá f kryés-lye u kra-vá-tee

    The duty sister was sound asleep in a chair by the bed.

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