What’s up? in Russian: How to say?

Jun 23, 2020 | How to say it in Russian?

There is no literal translation of what’s up? in Russian, instead, you can use a few other phrases that have a close meaning. Let’s look at them now:

Как дела́?
[kak dee-lá]
How are you? (Lit: How are the things?)

Как жизнь?
[kak zheezn’]
How is life?

Что но́вого?
[chto nó-va-va]
What’s up? (Lit.: What’s the news?)

Как оно́?
[kak a-nó]
How is it?

Как ва́ше ничего́?
[kak vá-she nee-chee-vó]
How are you? (Lit.: How is your nothing?)

The last phrase, that is literally translated as how is your nothing?, comes from the habit of Russians to reply ничего́ (nothing, meaning nothing bad) to the question how are you?. Despite the fact that the question includes ва́ше, it should not be used in formal situations but rather when you are talking to a friend or a group of friends in a joking manner. You can learn more about this expression here.

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Related Russian words

как дела́?

[kak deelá] Phrase
how are you?

Related examples

  • До́брый ве́чер, как ва́ши дела́?

    dóbryî vyéchyer, kak váshee deelá

    Good evening! How are you?

  • Как дела́? - Всё путём, спаси́бо.

    kak deelá? fsyo putyóm, spaséeba

    How are you? - Fine, thank you.

  • Как дела́? - Норма́льно.

    kak deelá? narmál'na

    How are you? - I'm ok.

  • Как дела́? Всё в поря́дке?

    kak deelá? fsyo f paryátkye?

    How are you doing? Is everything fine?

  • Ну как дела́ в шко́ле?

    nu kak deeláf shkólye

    So how are things at school?

  • Приве́т, как дела́?

    preevyét, kak deelá

    Hi, how are you?

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