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"Furniture" in Russian

Russian word of the day | Dec 26, 2018 (see all)
[ myé-beel' ]
Noun , feminine

Examples of "Furniture" in Russian

  • В кварти́ре не́ было никако́й ме́бели, кро́ме стола́ и крова́ти.

    f kvar-tée-rye nyé by-la nee-ka-kóî myé-bee-lee, kró-mye sta-lá ee kra-vá-tee

    There was no furniture in the apartment except the table and the bed.

  • Сте́ны и вся ме́бель в кварти́ре бы́ли бе́лого цве́та.

    styé-ny ee fsya myé-beel' f kvar-tée-rye bý-lee byé-la-va tsvyé-ta

    The walls and all the furniture in the apartment were white.

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Declension of the word мебель

Case Singular Plural
Nominative Nom. ме́бель
Genitive Gen. ме́бели
Dative Dat. ме́бели
Accusative Acc. ме́бель
Instrumental Inst. ме́белью
Prepositional Prep. ме́бели

Additional examples

  • В ко́мнате не́ было никако́й ме́бели, кро́ме табуре́тки.

    f kóm-na-tye nyé by-lo nee-ka-kói myé-bye-lee, kró-mye ta-bu-ryét-kee

    The room had no furniture, except a stool.

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