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"To blush" in Russian

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[ kras-nyét' ]
Verb , imperfective
Perfective - покрасне́ть
to blush, to flush, to redden
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Examples of "To blush" in Russian

  • Она́ красне́ет, когда́ на неё смо́трят мно́го люде́й.

    a-ná kras-nyé-yet, kag-dá na nee-yó smót-ryat mnó-ga lyu-dyéî

    She blushes when many people look at her.

  • Смотри́ на него́, врёт и не красне́ет.

    smat-rée na nee-vó, vryót ee nye kras-nýe- yet

    Look at him: he is lying and not blushing!

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Same stem words

прекра́сный [pree-krás-nyî] Adjective
beautiful, fine, splendid, excellent
накра́ситься [na-krá-see-tsa] Verb
to make up one's face
краси́вый [kra-sée-vyî] Adjective
beautiful, handsome, good-looking

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