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"Skirt" in Russian

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[ yúp-ka ]
Noun , feminine
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Examples of "Skirt" in Russian

  • На ней была́ бе́лая блу́зка и чёрная ю́бка в скла́дку.

    na nyeî by-lá byé-la-ya blús-ka ee chyór-na-ya yúp-ka f sklát-ku

    She was wearing a white blouse and a black pleated skirt.

  • Как тебе́ э́та ю́бка, нра́вится?

    kak tee-byé é-ta yúp-ka, nrá-vee-tsa

    How about this skirt, do you like it?

Declension of the word юбка

Case Singular Plural
Nominative Nom. ю́бка ю́бки
Genitive Gen. ю́бки ю́бок
Dative Dat. ю́бке ю́бкам
Accusative Acc. ю́бку ю́бки
Instrumental Inst. ю́бкой ю́бками
Prepositional Prep. ю́бке ю́бках

Additional examples

  • На ней была́ ю́бка в си́нюю и бе́лую поло́ску.

    na nyei by-lá yúp-ka f sée-nyu-yu ee byé-lu-yu pa-lós-ku

    She wore a skirt with blue and white stripes.

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3 thoughts on “Юбка

    • Learn Russian Words says:

      Hi Anita,

      I have a déjà vu about this question, I think we already discussed something like that…

      Theoretically, you should use plural and it will be correct. However, I seem to always tend to use singular in such cases and I now have found a reference that explains why. Here is a similar question with explanation.

      Since the explanation there is in Russian and might be difficult to understand, I translate the essense: in the reverse order (when a verb precedes a list of subjects), the singular form is usually used. However this is not mandatory. Sometimes the plural form is used which emphasizes the plurality of objects.

      • Haha, I also remember having asked a similar question before. But I remember another example for штаны́ (Jan 13, 2021): На нем бы́ли бе́лая футбо́лка и льняны́е штаны́. Since singular is used in one but plural is used in another, I asked the question. Thank you for the translation.

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