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"Impudent" in Russian

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[ na-hál'-nyî ]
impudent, impertinent, insolent; cheeky
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Examples of "Impudent" in Russian

  • Сослужи́вцы счита́ли его́ наха́льным вы́скочкой.

    sas-lu-zhéef-tsy schee-tá-lee ye-vó na-hál'-nym výs-kach-kaî

    His colleagues considered him an impudent parvenu.

  • С его́ лица́ не сходи́ла наха́льная улы́бка.

    s ye-vó lee-tsá nye sha-dée-la na-hál'-na-ya u-lýp-ka

    A cheeky smile never left his face.

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