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"Hoarfrost" in Russian

Russian word of the day | Jul 06, 2019
[ ée-neeî ]
Noun , masculine
white frost, hoarfrost, rime

Examples of "Hoarfrost" in Russian

  • Трава́ покры́лась пе́рвым и́неем.

    tra-vá pak-rý-las' pyér-vym ée-nee-yem

    The grass got covered with the first hoarfrost.

  • Согла́сно наро́дным приме́там, тума́н и и́ней у́тром 10 апре́ля предвеща́ют бога́тый урожа́й.

    sag-lás-na na-ród-nym pree-myé-tam, tu-mán ee ée-neeî út-ram dee-syá-ta-va ap-ryé-lya preed-vee-schá-yut ba-gá-tyî u-ra-zháî

    According to local knowledge, fog and frost on the morning of April 10 foreshadow a rich harvest.

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