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"Painkiller" in Russian

Russian word of the day | Jan 09, 2020
[ a-beez-bó-lee-va-yu-schye-ye ]
Noun , neuter
Plural - обезбо́ливающие

Examples of "Painkiller" in Russian

  • У тебя́ есть како́е-нибу́дь обезбо́ливающее?

    u tee-byá yest' ka-kó-ye-nee-bút' a-beez-bó-lee-va-yu-schye-ye

    Do you have any painkillers?

  • Ей да́ли обезбо́ливающее и успокои́тельное.

    yeî dá-lee a-beez-bó-lee-va-yu-schye-ye ee us-pa-ka-ée-teel'-na-ye

    She was given analgesic and sedative.

Russian Verb Conjugation

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Additional examples

More Russian sentences with the words that contain "обезболивающ".

  • Купи́ обезбо́ливающих в апте́ке, пожа́луйста.

    ku-pée a-beez-bó-lee-va-yu-scheeh v ap-tyé-kye, pa-zhá-lus-ta

    Buy painkillers in the pharmacy, please.

Same stem words

боль [bol'] Noun
pain, ache
боле́льщик [ba-lyél'-scheek] Noun , feminine - боле́льщица
fan, supporter
заболе́ть [za-ba-lyét'] Verb
to get sick; to start hurting/aching
боле́ть [ba-lyét'] Verb
to be sick / ill; to hurt, to ache

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