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"Interview" in Russian

Russian word of the day | Sep 07, 2018
[ een-terv'-yú ]

Noun , neuter

interview (a correspondent's conversation with somebody)

Useful information

The word интервью in Russian only applies to the interviews given to the media.

If you are talking about a job interview, you should use the word собеседование.


  • Наш корреспонде́нт взял интервью́ у уча́стников собы́тий.

    nash kar-ryes-pan-dyént vzyal een-terv'-yú u u-chást-nee-kaf sa-bý-teeî

    Our correspondent interviewed the participants of the events.

  • Она́ немно́го не́рвничала пе́ред интервью́.

    a-ná neem-nó-ga nyérv-nee-chee-la pyé-ryet een-terv'-yú

    She was a little nervous before the interview.

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