Davai - Meaning in Russian

The word davai in Russian comes from the verb дава́ть (to give).

Davai literally means give, but the Russians use this word in many other situations where it has different meanings.

The most common translation of davai is come on. For example:

Дава́й, пошли́!
[da-váî, pash-lée]
Come on, let’s go!

When you hear davai davai!, it’s a common way to say come on, come on! or do it, do it!.

In other cases davai can mean let’s (do). You can learn more about it here: commands for the 1st and 3d persons in Russian.

Listen to the audio and check out more examples below.

Examples of Davai in Russian

  • Дава́й возьмём с собо́й зо́нтик, ма́ло ли дождь пойдёт.

    da-vái vaz'-myóm s sa-bói zón-teek, má-la lee dozhd' pai-dyót

    Let's take an umbrella with us, in case it is going to rain.

  • Дава́й не пойдём туда́, смотри́ кака́я о́чередь.

    da-váî nye paî-dyóm tu-dá, smat-rée ka-ká-ya ó-chee-reet'

    Let's not go there, look how long the queue is.

  • Уже́ смерка́ется, дава́й возвраща́ться обра́тно.

    u-zhé smeer-ká-ee-tsa, da-váî vaz-vra-schá-tsa ab-rát-na

    It's getting dark, let's go back.

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