How to say "Delicious!" in Russian

There is a number of ways to say delicious! in Russian.

The easiest way is:

Tasty / delicious!

You can add о́чень (very) to it to enhance the emotion:

О́чень вку́сно!
[ó-cheen’ fkús-na]
Tasty / delicious!

Всё бы́ло о́чень вку́сно, спаси́бо!
[fsyo bý-la ó-cheen’ fkús-na, spa-sée-ba]
Everything was very delicious, thank you!

Another way to say delicious in Russian is:

Па́льчики обли́жешь!
[pál’-chee-kee ob-lée-zhesh’]

This literally means you are going to lick your fingers and often translated as you’ll love it! it’s delicious!

The next word is:


Объеде́ние comes from the verb объеда́ться which means to eat too much, i.e. it’s so delicious that I could eat easily overeat it.

The last two word that we would like to tell you about are derived from вку́сно and are used in the conversational speech only:



Listen to "Delicious!" in Russian

The audio recording includes all the examples (in bold and blue) listed above.

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