News and updates: December 30, 2021

Happy New Year 2022!

Dear friends!

We would like to wish all of you a Happy New Year 2022! May it bring to all of us many reasons to smile and be happy! 🙂

Thank you for staying with us, for all your questions and ideas on how we can improve. We are sorry for not being able to implement them all quickly, but one step at a time, sooner or later, you will see the changes that will make this site even more useful to all Russian learners.

We would like to dedicate a special word of gratitude to everyone who supported the project with a donation, be it once or multiple times. Your help means a lot for us.

And in line with our vision, we would also like to add this:

The world around us is not getting prettier. And it’s nobody but us, people, too busy with our lives and work, who are letting it happen.

In this new year 2022, let’s make a special effort on being good to people around us regardless of everything that separate us from each other and despite all the disagreements we had or still have. Let’s never stop in our pursuit of becoming better people ourselves and improving our environment and life everywhere we see it possible, and let’s never get tired of looking for those possibilities. Let’s never pass by someone who needs help, and let’s not be afraid to stand tall in defending our fundamental human values and the truth. And let’s not forget to dream – boldly dream about the future how we want it to be!

And then, you can be sure, all this invested good energy will resonate and come back to us amplified, it will support us and motivate us to continue creating a better world and live happy lives!

Happy New Year 2022 friends! Ваше здоровье! 🙂

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With the current situation in the world, accepting donations became not easy but still possible. At the moment, there are two possible options:

- PayPal: please make sure to follow these 2 simple steps during the transaction:
1. If asked about the type of the payment, please select "send to friend and family";
2. When choosing the amount and currency, please make sure to change the default currency MYR to EUR for the receiving side, otherwise we will have to return the payment.
You can send the amount you wish to donate to the PayPal account

- Bitcoin wallet: bc1q8zee0r5x8f7fzjwhl9u4jeprlxsua3nwcnzjgv

More than ever, thank you very much for your support and may you have success in all your endeavours!

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