News and updates: December 12, 2021

Audio player issue update: Please clear your browser cache and cookies

While learning on our site, you might have experienced an issue when the audio did not want to play.

We have been trying to solve this problem for quite a long time. The latest update we did seems to have solved the issue, but it is too soon to say for sure without thorough testing.

To make sure you are viewing the lastest version of the site that is issue free, please fully clear your browser cache and all the cookie files (you will find these options in your browser settings, select the time range “All time”).

If you still encounter problems with the audio after that, please let us know.

Thank you

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With the current situation in the world, accepting donations became not easy but still possible. At the moment, there are two possible options:

- PayPal: please make sure to follow these 2 simple steps during the transaction:
1. If asked about the type of the payment, please select "send to friend and family";
2. When choosing the amount and currency, please make sure to change the default currency MYR to EUR for the receiving side, otherwise we will have to return the payment.
You can send the amount you wish to donate to the PayPal account

- Bitcoin wallet: bc1q8zee0r5x8f7fzjwhl9u4jeprlxsua3nwcnzjgv

More than ever, thank you very much for your support and may you have success in all your endeavours!

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