Do you speak Russian? in Russian: How to say?

Jul 07, 2020 | How to say it in Russian?

Saying do you speak Russian? in Russian depends on who you are talking to: whether it is one person or several, and whether it is a formal or informal situation. These are two possible options:

Вы говори́те по-ру́сски?
[vy ga-va-rée-tye pa-rús-kee]
Do you speak Russian? (formal or plural)

Ты говори́шь по-ру́сски?
[ty ga-va-réesh’ pa-rús-kee]
Do you speak Russian? (informal singular)

Говори́те/говори́шь are different forms of the verb говори́ть (to speak). You can find the conjugation of the verb говорить here.

По-ру́сски literally means in Russian. More information here.

Sometimes you need to know is there anybody who speaks Russian, in this case you can say:

Кто-нибу́дь здесь говори́т по-ру́сски?
[kto-nee-bút’ sdyes’ ga-va-réet pa-rús-kee]
Is there anybody speaking Russian here?

С кем я могу́ поговори́ть по-ру́сски?
[s kyem ya ma-gú pa-ga-va-réet’ pa-rús-kee]
Who can I speak Russian to?

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[parúskee] Phrase
in Russian

Related examples

  • Вы говори́те по-ру́сски?

    vy gavaréetye parúskee

    Do you speak Russian?

  • Здесь не по-ру́сски напи́сано.

    zdyes' nye parúskee napéesana

    It is not written in Russian here.

  • Он отли́чно говори́т по-ру́сски.

    on atléechna gavaréet parúskee

    He speaks excellent Russian.

  • Я говорю́ по-ру́сски.

    ya gavaryú parúskee

    I speak Russian.

  • Я могу́ чита́ть по-ру́сски, но говори́ть мне сло́жно.

    ya magú cheetát' parúskee, no gavaréet' mnye slózhna

    I can read in Russian, but it's difficult for me to talk.

  • Сего́дня мы бу́дем учи́ться счита́ть по-ру́сски.

    seevódnya my búdeem uchéetsa scheetát' parúskee

    Today we will learn to count in Russian.

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