Russian word of the day: Заплатить

Jan 16, 2018
[ za-pla-téet' ]

Verb , perfective

Imperfective - плати́ть

to pay


  • Он ушёл, не заплати́в.

    on u-shól nye za-pla-téev

    He left without paying.

  • Он до́рого заплати́л за свою́ оши́бку.

    on dó-ra-ga za-pla-téel za sva-yú a-shéep-ku

    He paid dearly for his mistake.

Additional examples

More Russian sentences with the words that contain "заплат".

  • Он до́рого заплати́л за свою́ оши́бку.

    on dó-ra-ga zap-la-téel za sva-yú a-shéep-ku

    He paid a high price for his mistake.

  • Кста́ти, ты не забы́л заплати́ть за интерне́т?

    kstá-tee, ty nye za-býl za-pla-téet' za een-ter-nét

    By the way, did you pay for the Internet (did you not forget to pay)?

Same stem words

расплати́ться [ras-pla-tée-tsa] Verb
to pay, to pay off, to settle accounts
беспла́тно [bees-plát-na] Adverb
free (of charge)
поплати́ться [pa-pla-tée-tsa] Verb
to pay for something one has done
зарпла́та [zar-plá-ta] Noun , short from за́работная пла́та
wages, salary

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