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"To feel like" in Russian

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[ za-ha-tyé-tsa ]
Verb , perfective
Often used with the Genitive
Imperfective - хоте́ться (see below)
to feel like, to crave for

The imperfective aspect

to feel like something/doing something
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Examples of "To feel like" in Russian

  • Я обеща́ю, тебе́ так понра́вится, что не захо́чется уходи́ть.

    ya a-bee-schá-yu, tee-byé tak pan-rá-vee-tsa, chto nye za-hó-chee-tsa u-ha-déet'

    I promise, you will like it so much that you won't feel like leaving.

  • Ему́ захоте́лось крича́ть.

    ye-mú za-ha-tyé-las' kree-chát'

    He felt like screaming.

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Same stem words

охо́тно [a-hót-na] Adverb
willingly, gladly, with pleasure, readily
to want, to feel like; to wish
to want

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2 thoughts on “Захотеться

  1. Why is the translation of the last sentence indicating the usage of zahochetsya is now translated as second person singular than third person singular as it suggests.

    • Learn Russian Daily says:

      Hello Jenoye,

      This is because of the way the reflexive verbs (захотеться is reflexive) are used in Russian language.

      “Тебе захочется” literally means “it’s will be desirable to you”, not simply “you will want”. So the verb takes the 3d form to correspond with “it” (which is omitted in Russian).

      You can learn more about reflexive verbs here:

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