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"Washing machine" in Russian

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стира́льная маши́на
[ stee-rál'-na-ya ma-shée-na ]
Phrase , feminine
washing machine
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Examples of "Washing machine" in Russian

  • Стира́льная маши́на потекла́, она́ ещё на гара́нтии?

    stee-rál'-na-ya ma-shée-na pa-teek-lá, a-ná ye-schyó na ga-rán-tee-ee

    The washing machine started leaking, is it still under warranty?

  • Положи́ гря́зное бельё в стира́льную маши́ну.

    pa-la-zhée gryáz-na-ye beel'-yo f stee-rál'-nu-yu ma-shée-nu

    Put the dirty cloth in the washing machine.

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