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"Vegetable garden" in Russian

Russian word of the day | May 18, 2020
[ a-ga-rót ]
Noun , masculine
Plural - огоро́ды
vegetable garden

Examples of "Vegetable garden" in Russian

  • Организовать небольшо́й огоро́д мо́жно не то́лько на балко́не, но и на подоко́ннике.

    ar-ga-nee-za-vát' nee-bal'-shóî a-ga-rót mózh-na nye tól'-ka na bal-kó-ne, no ee na pa-da-kón-nee-kye

    You can organize a small vegetable garden not only on the balcony, but also on the windowsill.

  • Весь день она́ рабо́тала в огоро́де.

    vyes' dyen' a-ná ra-bó-ta-la v a-ga-ró-dye

    She worked in the garden all day.

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