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"To stare" in Russian

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[ us-tá-vee-tsa ]
Verb , perfective
to stare, to fix one's eyes
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Examples of "To stare" in Russian

  • Все взгля́ды уста́вились на него́.

    fsye vzglyá-dy us-tá-vee-lees' na nee-vó

    All eyes fixed on him.

  • На что ты там уста́вился?

    na chto ty tam us-tá-veel-sya

    What are you staring at?

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поста́вить [pas-tá-veet'] Verb
to put, to place
ста́вить [stá-veet'] Verb
to put, to place, to set, to stand
поставщи́к [pas-taf-schéek] Noun
supplier, provider, purveyor; caterer

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