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"To wish" in Russian

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[ pa-zhee-lát' ]
Verb , perfective
Imperfective - жела́ть
to wish
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Examples of "To wish" in Russian

  • Она́ пожела́ла нам до́брой но́чи и ушла́.

    a-ná pa-zhee-lá-la nam dób-raî nó-chee ee ush-lá

    She wished us good night and left.

  • Вода́ така́я тёплая, купа́йся ско́лько пожела́ешь.

    va-dá ta-ká-ya tyóp-la-ya, ku-páî-sya skól'-ka pa-zhee-lá-eesh'

    The water is so warm, (you can) swim as much as you wish.

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