Russian word of the day: Прихорашиваться

May 15, 2019
[ pree-ha-rá-shee-va-tsa ]

Verb , imperfective

to smarten oneself up, to spruce up


  • В са́мом конце́ за́ла во́зле зе́ркала прихора́шивалась де́вушка.

    v sá-mam kan-tsé zá-la vóz-lye zyér-ka-la pree-ha-rá-shee-va-las' dyé-vush-ka

    At the very end of the hall near the mirror, a girl was sprucing up.

  • Она́ прихора́шивается пе́ред свида́нием.

    a-ná pree-ha-rá-shee-va-ee-tsa pyé-ryet svee-dá-nee-yem

    She made herself up to go to a date.

Same stem words

хорошо́ [ha-ra-shó] Adverb
good, well

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