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"To tailor" in Russian

Russian word of the day | Jul 21, 2020
[ ssheet' ]
Verb , perfective
Imperfective - шить (see below)
to sew, to sew together, to tailor

The imperfective aspect

шить [sheet'] Verb
to sew

Examples of "To tailor" in Russian

  • Бо́льшую часть оде́жды она́ сши́ла себе́ сама́.

    ból'-shu-yu chast'a-dyézh-dy a-ná sshée-la see-byé sa-má

    She made (sewed) most of the clothes herself.

  • Дава́й я тебе́ сама́ сошью́ пла́тье на выпускно́й?

    da-váî ya tee-bye sa-má sash'-yú plát'-ye na vy-pusk-nóî

    Let me sew a prom dress for you?

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