Russian word of the day: Поставить

Nov 25, 2020 (see all)
[ pas-tá-veet' ]
Verb , perfective
Imperfective - ста́вить (see below)
to put, to place

The imperfective aspect

ста́вить [stá-veet'] Verb
to put, to place, to set, to stand
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  • Безде́йствие мо́жет поста́вить нас в безвы́ходное положе́ние.

    beez-dyéîst-vee-ye mó-zhet pas-tá-veet' nas v beez-vý-had-na-ye pa-la-zhé-nee-ye

    Inaction can put us in a stalemate.

  • Поста́вь цветы́ вон в ту ва́зу, пожа́луйста.

    pas-táf' tsvee-tý von f tu vá-zu, pa-zhá-lus-ta

    Put the flowers into that vase over there, please.

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Same stem words

поставщи́к [pas-taf-schéek] Noun
supplier, provider, purveyor; caterer
уста́виться [us-tá-vee-tsa] Verb
to stare, to fix one's eyes

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