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"To punish" in Russian

Russian word of the day | Jan 15, 2020
[ na-ká-zy-vat' ]
Verb , imperfective
Perfective - наказа́ть
to punish

Examples of "To punish" in Russian

  • Вино́вников инциде́нта реши́ли в э́тот раз не нака́зывать.

    vee-nóv-nee-kaf een-tsee-dyén-ta ree-shée-lee v é-tat ras nye na-ká-zy-vat'

    It was decided not to punish the perpetrators of the incident this time.

  • Роди́тели никогда́ не нака́зывали его́ за плохи́е оце́нки.

    ra-dée-tee-lee nee-kag-dá nye na-ká-zy-va-lee ye-vó za pla-hée-ye a-tsén-kee

    His parents never punished him for poor grades.

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