Russian word of the day: Связать

Jul 27, 2020
[ svee-zát' ]
Verb , perfective
Imperfective - вяза́ть (see below)
to knit, to tie up

The imperfective aspect

вяза́ть [vee-zát'] Verb
to knit, to crochet


  • Э́ти ва́режки связа́ла моя́ бабу́шка.

    é-tee vá-reesh-kee svee-zá-la ma-yá bá-bush-ka

    These mittens were knitted by my grandmother.

  • Пле́ннику связа́ли ру́ки.

    plyén-nee-ky svee-zá-lee rúkee

    The prisoner had his hands tied.

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