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"To knit" in Russian

Russian word of the day | Feb 12, 2020
[ vee-zát' ]
Verb , imperfective
Perfective - связа́ть (see below)
to knit, to crochet

Examples of "To knit" in Russian

  • Она́ вя́жет крючко́м и спи́цами.

    a-ná vyá-zhet kryuch-kóm ee spée-tsa-mee

    She crochets and knits.

  • Мно́гие ба́бушки вяза́ли носки́ и ва́режки, а моя́ ба́бушка вяза́ла игру́шки.

    mnó-gee-ye bá-bush-kee vee-zá-lee nas-kée ee vá-reesh-kee, a ma-yá bá-bush-ka vee-zá-la eeg-rúsh-kee

    Many grandmothers knitted socks and mittens, and my grandmother knitted toys.

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The perfective aspect

[ svee-zát' ]
to knit, to tie up
Russian Verb Conjugation

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