Russian word of the day: Уставать

Jun 17, 2020
[ us-ta-vát' ]
Verb , imperfective
Perfective - уста́ть (see below)
to get tired


  • Она́ о́чень устаёт на рабо́те.

    a-ná ó-cheen' us-ta-yót na ra-bó-tye

    She gets very tired at work.

  • Он никогда́ не устава́л быть до́брым к лю́дям.

    on nee-kag-dá nye us-ta-vál byt' dób-rym k lyú-dyam

    He was never tired of being kind to people.

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The perfective aspect

[ us-tát' ]
to get tired
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