Russian word of the day: Загореть

May 19, 2020
[ za-ga-ryét' ]
Verb , perfective
Imperfective - загора́ть (see below)
to get tanned, to get a suntan, to become brown


  • Где ты так загоре́ла?

    gdye ty tak za-ga-ryé-la

    Where did you get so tanned?

  • Вы совсе́м не загоре́ли, весь о́тпуск в но́мере просиде́ли, что-ли?

    vy saf-syém nye za-ga-ryé-lee, vyes' ót-pusk v nó-mee-rye pra-see-dyé-lee, chtó-lee

    You didn’t get tanned at all, did you spent the whole vacation in your room?

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The imperfective aspect

[ za-ga-rát' ]
to sunbathe
Russian Verb Conjugation

Additional examples

More Russian sentences with the words that contain "загоре".

  • Не накрыва́й обогрева́тель, он мо́жет загоре́ться.

    nye nak-ry-váî a-ba-gree-vá-teel', on mó-zheet za-ga-ryé-tsa

    Do not cover the heater, it may catch fire.

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