Russian word of the day: Отделаться

Oct 02, 2019
[ at-dyé-la-tsa ]
Verb , perfective
Imperfective - отде́лываться
to get rid of, to throw off, to shake off


  • Они́ отде́лались от назо́йливых попу́тчиков, совра́в, что е́дут в другу́ю сто́рону.

    a-née at-dyé-la-lees' at na-zóî-lee-vyh pa-pút-chee-kaf, sav-ráf, chto yé-dut v dru-gú-yu stó-ra-nu

    They got rid of annoying fellow travelers by lying that they were going in another direction.

  • Уча́стники ава́рии отде́лались лёгким испу́гом.

    u-chást-nee-kee a-vá-ree-ee at-dyé-la-lees' lyóh-keem ees-pú-gam

    Participants in the accident got off with a slight startle.

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Same stem words

рукоде́лие [ru-ka-dyé-lee-ye] Noun
handicraft, needlework, fancy-work
сде́лка [sdyél-ka] Noun
deal, transaction, bargain
де́лать [dyé-lat'] Verb
to do, to make
де́ло [dyé-la] Noun
matter, duty, concern, business, case, situation, act, deed

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