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"To examine" in Russian

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[ ras-mát-ree-vat' ]
Verb , imperfective
Perfective - рассмотре́ть
to look at, to examine, to view; to consider
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Examples of "To examine" in Russian

  • Что ты там так внима́тельно рассма́триваешь?

    chto ty tam tak vnee-má-teel'-na ras-má-tree-va-eesh

    What are you looking at so closely there?

  • Его́ кандидату́ру рассма́тривали на пост дире́ктора шко́лы.

    ye-vó kan-dee-da-tú-ru ras-mát-ree-va-lee na post dee-ryék-ta-ra shkó-ly

    His candidacy was considered for the position of the school director.

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Same stem words

подсма́тривать [pat-smát-ree-vát'] Verb
to spy, to peep
смотре́ть [smatryét'] Verb
to look, to watch

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