Russian word of the day: Повеселиться

Oct 21, 2020
[ pa-vee-see-lée-tsa ]
Verb , perfective
Imperfective - весели́ться (see below)
to enjoy oneself, to amuse oneself, to have fun

The imperfective aspect

весели́ться [vee-see-lée-tsa] Verb
to enjoy oneself, to have fun (a good time)
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  • Иди́те и хорошо́ повесели́тесь!

    ee-dée-tye ee ha-ra-shó pa-vee-see-lée-tyes'

    Go and have fun!

  • Повесели́лись и хва́тит, пора́ возвраща́ться к рабо́те!

    pa-vee-see-lée-lees' ee hvá-teet, pa-rá vazv-ra-schá-tsa k ra-bó-tye

    That's enough enjoying ourselves, it's time to get back to work!

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Same stem words

весёлый [vee-syó-lyî] Adjective
cheerful, joyful, merry

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