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"To descend" in Russian

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[ spus-ká-tsa ]
Verb , imperfective
Perfective - спусти́ться
to go down, to come down; to descend

Examples of "To descend" in Russian

  • Мы до́лго спуска́лись по у́зкой ле́стнице вниз.

    my dól-ga spus-ká-lees' pa ús-kaî lyés-nee-tse vnees

    We walked down the narrow stairs for a long time.

  • Мы стоя́ли на са́мой высо́кой то́чке горы́, собира́ясь спуска́ться вниз, как вдруг услы́шали лай на́шей соба́ки.

    my sta-yá-lee na sá-maî vy-só-kaî tóch-kye ga-rý, sa-bee-rá-yas' spus-ká-tsa vnees, kak vdruk us-lý-sha-lee laî ná-sheî sa-bá-lee

    We were standing at the highest point of the mountain, about to go down, when suddenly we heard the barking of our dog.

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2 thoughts on “Спускаться

  1. Hello, I note that in both examples, вниз is used. Since спуска́ться already means go down, can I do without вниз? Thanks.

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