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"To defend oneself" in Russian

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[ za-schee-schá-tsa ]
Verb , imperfective
Often used with the Genitive, Instumental cases
Perfective - защити́ться
to defend oneself

Examples of "To defend oneself" in Russian

  • Защища́ться всегда́ затра́тнее, чем напада́ть.

    za-schee-schá-tsa fseeg-dá zat-rát-nye-ye, chyem na-pa-dát'

    Defending is always costlier than attacking.

  • Она́ захло́пнула пальто́, защища́ясь от холо́дного ве́тра.

    a-ná za-hlóp-nu-la pal'-tó, za-schee-schá-yas' at ha-lód-na-va vyét-ra

    She closed her coat protecting herself from the cold wind.

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