Russian word of the day: Обманывать

Jun 22, 2020
[ ab-má-ny-vat' ]
Verb , imperfective
Perfective - обману́ть
to deceive, to cheat; to trick; to swindle; to be unfaithful to (one's spouse)


  • Я ведь зна́ю, что ты меня́ обма́нываешь.

    ya vyet' zná-yu, chto ty mee-nyá ab-má-ny-va-eesh'

    I know that you are deceiving me.

  • Тебе́ не сле́довало их обма́нывать.

    tee-byé nye slyé-da-va-la eeh ab-má-ny-vat'

    You shouldn't have deceived them.

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Additional examples

More Russian sentences with the words that contain "обманыва".

  • Она́ поняла́, что её обма́нывают, но не подала́ ви́ду.

    a-ná pa-nee-lá, chto ye-yó ab-má-ny-va-yut, no nye pa-da-lá vée-du

    She realized that she was being deceived, but she did not show it.

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