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"To crawl" in Russian

Russian word of the day | Oct 25, 2019
[ pól-zat' ]

Verb , imperfective

to crawl


  • Рождённый по́лзать лета́ть не мо́жет. (Максим Горький)

    razh-dyón-nyî pól-zat' lee-tát' nye mó-zhet

    Who was born to crawl can not fly. (Maxim Gorky)

  • По дну терра́риума по́лзали кру́пные ры́жие тарака́ны.

    pa dnu teer-rá-ree-u-ma pól-za-lee krúp-ny-ye rý-zhee-ye ta-ra-ká-ny

    Large red cockroaches crawled over the bottom of the terrarium.

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Same stem words

ползти́ [palz-tée] Verb
to crawl

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